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Treatment of alopecia - Armonia del viso

What is meant by “alopecia”?
Male and female androgenetic alopecia is the progressive loss of bulbs on the scalp with a visible thinning of hair. Alopecia areata is rather the loss in patches of hair on the scalp.
The extension may vary and may even affect the whole scalp.

When to act?
The faster the action, the more predictable is the result.

The importance of a visit with a specialist
A visit with a specialist makes it possible to identify a more specific diagnosis among the various types of alopecia and to understand if their origin is inflammatory or hormonal.

Treatment protocols
The alopecia areata as well as the androgenetic one follow protocols based on a combination of carboxytherapy, needling technique and platelet-rich plasma. Moreover, home therapy can be integrated with specific supplements for the scalp and also with cortisone foams, which have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Effects of anti-alopecia treatments
The combined treatment acts directly on the suffering bulbs, which are the main cause of alopecia and of hair thinning. The first effect is the reduction of the falling of hairs (visible from the very first treatments), the second is the stimulation of the dormant bulbs, which get activated and form new hairs.

Carboxytherapy gives a new balance to the cutaneous microcirculation. In so doing, tissues are provided with extra oxygen and, as a consequence, derma is regenerated.

Needling stimulates the reactivation of the platelets, with a consequent repair of the scalp.


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