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Spots - Armonia del viso

What are skin spots?
Spots or dischromia indicate a variation in the colour of the skin. Modifications in the colour of the skin are a consequence of an uneven distribution of melanin, an essential pigment, the colour of the skin depends on.

Which is the principal cause of the apparition of spots on a human body?
The causes of the apparition of spots can vary. The skin ageing is, without a doubt, the principal cause of these spots, together with a prolonged sun exposure.

Can there be other causes?
Yes. Sun exposure is definitely a possible cause of these skin spots. They can also be due to hormonal dysfunctions as may happen  during pregnancy or menopause, or also due to assumption of certain drugs, such as contraceptive pill or else to particularly aggressive cosmetic products and smoke.

On what other parts of the body can the spots appear?
Usually the areas exposed to sunlight are the most affected ones (face, neck, neckline and hands). During pregnancy, the change of skin can also be noticed around the nipples.

Generally what is the colour of the spots?
Spots can have different shades of colour, according to the accumulation of melanin (the dark skin pigmentation). The most common are hazelnut or dark yellow, defined sun freckles, i.e. spots which appear as a consequence of a long exposure to the sun.

How can skin spots be eliminated?
There are quite a few methods to eliminate spots. An accurate diagnosis of the composition of the spot and  of  its thickness indicate which is the most effective treatment in every specific case (peeling, soft surgery with the Plexr, pulsed light, laser or simply a whitening cream are all winning tools to eliminate spots).



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