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Blepharoplasty - Armonia del viso

What is meant by Blepharoplasty with the use of the Plexr?
Soft surgery blepharoplasty is a non-invasive intervention performed with a Plexr. It is a last-generation piece of equipment, which uses the fourth state of matter: plasma dissolved in the air.
By means of a plasma beam, the skin is sublimated (sublimation is the transformation of the tissue from a solid state to a gaseous one) by means of small spots. The sublimated skin does not reform inasmuch as the healing is a consequence of the contraction of the surrounding healthy tissue. In so doing, this contraction absorbs the excess of the eyelid skin, eliminating it.

Reasons to prefer Blepharo Plexr Surgery
It is a non-invasive treatment inasmuch as it does not use a lancet, there are no stitches and no scars. Blepharo with a Plexr achieves the same results as a surgical Blepharo and, in some situations, it is even better than a classical operation, especially in the case of minimal corrections. Moreover, it is possible to modify the shape of the eye when absolutely necessary.

This methodology
• Is non-invasive
• Gives the same results as a surgical blepharoplasty
• Is ideal for minimal corrections

When to do it?
There is no age limit. Usually this operation is requested between the age of 35 and 40 upwards, but anyone can submit to a blepharoplasty, even younger patients (only if of age).

Importance of a specialist examination
To submit to a specialist examination in the doctor’s office before the intervention is fundamental. Each patient is a case per se. This entails that techniques need to be tailor-made according to the morphology of each single face. This is the way to always obtain maximum results with each patient.

Length of the operation
The operation depends on the quantity of tissue to sublimate. One session may be sufficient for small imperfections, otherwise at least 3 sessions are planned. Before and after the intervention, photos are taken to assess the quality of the technique used and of the result obtained. After a light anaesthesia, either by contact or by infiltration, a Plexr is then used for a few minutes. At that point, the patient can happily go back home.

The intervention causes little discomfort. To numb the part to be treated it is enough to use an anaesthetic cream locally or a small infiltration.

Small homemade medications to limit the swelling are advisable. Small scabs, which will fall within a week, will appear on the treated part. These scabs can be hidden under a layer of foundation or by using sunglasses.

The advantages are a younger and brighter face and eyes, with neither wrinkles, nor bags, nor evident dark circles nor, more generally speaking, aesthetic imperfections in the periocular area. The so-called “crow’s feet”, which are usually eliminated with the classical lifting, can be removed simultaneously with the same Blepharo Plexr technique.






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